Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On the table today

Sneak peak into issue 2 page 17-18 spread. On the table today.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

First skits drawing

This is the very first skits drawing I ever did. I did this in college in 1997.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

skits meal

In LA they call this soul food in the south we call it BBQ.
Southern style potato salad (mustard makes it southern).
Southern BBQ baked beans.
Sweet BBQ Ribs.
Butter Bread.
And of coarse the rock star Sweet Tea.
Now thats a "skits meal" trademark.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

off topic (Star Trek comic book prequel)

Some people ask me what comics I read those that know me don't because they think I read crap. To be honest I don't read super hero stuff which means nothing for the most part from Marvel or D.C. My friends like Batman and Spiderman. I like Blade of the Immortal and Wetmoon.  

I have been reading the star trek prequels from IDW. I have to say I like it. I do feel like they are rushing the story. This makes the dialog very simple and strait forward. Almost silly at times. That is for obvious reasons. They need to get it out before the movie. For the most part it is a very good read and could be a movie in its self as far as I'm concerned. If this is the back story the movie has got to be incredible. If you like star trek.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cover for skits issue 2

Here is the cover for skits issue #2 Hope you enjoy it and hope you enjoyed issue #1. I am about half way done with issue 2. This is a oil painted cover of boot.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On the table now!

Page 9 for issue 2. My drawing is getting a lot better in this issue. More graphic which is a change for me.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The comic is here.

The proof is here. I just received the first proof for the first skits issue from the printer. I am getting a short run first to shop it around to a few publishers. I will also have them for sale on my website in a few days. There will be two versions. Just the comic and a special one from me for $8 dollars plus shipping. The special will have a full page interior drawing by me. The drawing will be on the inside front cover.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

short skits

For fun so have some.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

skits is workin

I am currently working hard on the second issue of skits. It is looking ten times better than the first. Cant wait!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Marcus Kenney for use of his art and image on pages 17-24. If you would like to contact Marcus go over to his website www.marcuskenney.com

Monday, March 2, 2009

Painting Of skits with Boot.

A painting from my last art show. It has skits and boot in it. If you look close some sweet tea as well.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Short Spawn story and quick 2 hour painting

this old box

Scene: Opens looking at the city from a distance.

From the outside looking in its just a mass of excitement possibility and life looking out from this part of the city your eyes can never see that far. All that can be seen is a never ending grid of squares. What is of most interest is a simple box. The box itself is a conveyance of so many different materials that one can hardly point out just one. A potpourri of street scraps to say the least. The items surrounding the box is a list of strategic placed materials found to make life in a box a much more simpler affair. To the right of the box sits a small rough looking pile of wood most likely borrowed from some nearby building. Continuing to the right sits a smattering of bottles each one consisting of different heights volumes and fill material. In the front of the box sits a very peculiar looking set of tools: broken hammers, rusty nails, screwdrivers, knives, and many other items that cant be easily described or explained. On the left of the box is a pile of rubble as if part of the wall behind the structure fell. Jutting from the rubble is a long wooden pole with a ragged old umbrella covering (but not covering) the box. All the while a young lad is going about his day moving small items here and there like a squirrel constantly moving things and never quite satisfied with the results.

Scene: Here it is morning. The people awake to rise out of there differently shaped structures and just like other places some of the people dont strive as high as others. So, theyre fine to just lie on the ground with a big piece of cardboard for covers. One by one different individuals make there way to a nearby fountain washing different parts of there anatomy to varying degrees. There are also spigots for water here and there. The boy makes his way to one of these spigots. 

Old Woman: Hows it going honey?  Says a rather old and scrooney looking lady near the spigot.

Boy: Great mam! just got some new wood for my place.

Old Woman: Should help with winter comin on.

Boy: Ya, It should.

Old Woman: Well I am off to find some food maybe ill find some more of those chocolates you like.

Boy: SWEET!  Says the boy with a fist pump.

Old Woman: See you later honey.

Boy: You can bet on that!

Scene: The boy makes his way back to his box. he starts to shore up things here and there. taking delicate care to place each piece right were it needs to be. the boy sizes up a piece and then cuts a bit of scrap off one side with a old saw. Then nails it into place

Boy: Like it growed there. Exclaimed the boy with much satisfaction.

Scene: He continues working he hears a clank and shuffle in the distance, but does not cause him no mind. He knows exactly what it is. It is any one of a number of drunks making there way through this area. He continues to work onward with his tedious tasks. When all at once a few feet from his box the the man falls flat on his face with a crash of a bottle and a thud of his body.

Drunk: Uuuuhnnnnn fuckkkin hmbbmmmum

Boy: You alright mister? As the boy puts his hand on the man.

Scene: The man rolls over and stabs the boy in the arm with part of the glass bottle.

The boy yells out.


Boy: HEY! What the hell man? Clutching his arm.

Scene: The man grabs the boys leg and drags him to the ground.

Drunk: Get the fuck out of here for I beat ya. As the man grabs at the boys hammer.

Boy: What! This is my place.

Scene: The man starts to swing at the boy with the hammer. The boy ducks and takes off running. The man starts to throw-up a good bit right next to the boys box. 

Drunk: Chir-Chir-Chirtaaaallllllllllllll! As the stink flows out the mans mouth.

Scene: The boy looks on from the corner as the man crawls into his home. A tear runs down the boys face with no emotion showing, as if this has happened before. The boy turns and walks away with his head down.

Scene: Later that day. Dusk.  

In some other ally the boy sits against a wall with a few newspapers wrapped around him like hes beading down for the night. This ally looks a little rougher than his last place of residency. The day light is nearly gone and the boy is tired so tired he does not notice the chains and tattered cloth moving in from his top all around him. What finally grabs his attention is the voice. Deep dark almost not real. However, the words them self one of concern. 

Spawn: You should not be here. is there not a better place you could be tonight. 

Scene: The boy is frozen he stairs strait up in total fright as if mesmerized by fear itself.

Spawn: Dont fear me son I mean you no harm. what is your name?

Boy: tommy The boy whispers.

Spawn: Tommy 

Spawn: Why are you here?

Boy: A man stole my box.

Spawn: Your box! you live on the streets?

Boy: Yes.

Spawn: And some man stole your box. 

Spawn: What man?

Boy: Just some drunk guy.

Spawn: Well I tell you what. lets go have a little talk with this fellow.

Boy: I dont want any trouble.

Spawn: oh, you dont have any trouble, but I know someone else thats got trouble. 

Spawn: Why dont you and I go for a walk and you show me where your box is.

Scene: The boy starts to get up and as he does the spawn notices a large gash in the boys arm.

Spawn: What happened to your arm?

Boy: The man stabbed me.

Spawn: The man stabbed you. 

Spawn: This just keeps getting better.

Scene: Soon on a roof top over looking the boys home looking down very intensely the spawn says.

Spawn: Hows your arm?

Boy: Its perfect. like nothing ever happened to it. Howd you do it?

Spawn: Magic. Says the spawn.

Spawn: Which one is yours?

Scene: The boy points down at his where a couple of legs are hanging out.

Spawn: You ready? 

Boy: Are we going to fly again?

Spawn: Not exactly.

Scene: Just then with the blink of an eye they disappear from the roof and reappear next to his box. 

Boy: Ahhhh! It smells terrible! The boy says with an arm over his face.

Spawn: Ya, it does. Lets clean up a little.

Scene: The spawn grabs the man by one leg holds him strait upside down to look right in his face. 

Spawn: You smell like your having a bad day soon youll look like a bad day.

Scene: The spawn slams the man on the ground and starts to walk away dragging the knocked out man behind him.

Boy: Will I ever see you again? The boy yells out.

Scene: The spawn looks back over his shoulder and says

Spawn: Just keep your head up kid. There's no tellin what youll see.

Scene: In the blink of an eye the spawn vanishes in a green vail of light. And as the boy turns looking at his box he can only sigh at the image before him. All the work he put into his home only to have it ransacked by a drunk.

Boy: Man its going to take forever to clean this thing.

Scene: Just like that a green flash transformed his stinking trashed home into a brand new clean box.

Boy: Wow cool! The boy says with a huge smile.

The End.

Skinny Puppy