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New ohGr Album Undeveloped

Metropolis Mail-Order // Undeveloped: "After forging a legendary career as the frontman for the seminal industrial pioneers Skinny Puppy, Ogre, a name synonymous with dark electronica, started his solo project in 2001 with collaborator / producer Mark Walk. Under the moniker ohGr, the duo has been creating a challenging, innovative, and ever-evolving brand of music. As with the three previous studio albums, Welt (2001), SunnyPsyOp (2003), and Devils in my Details (2008) the new album, Undeveloped once again find Ogre exploring varied sonic landscapes. Weaving his signature menacing vocals with haunting atmospherics, electronic modulations, guitar blasts, and addictive hooks, Undeveloped shows ohGr at its creative best. It could be due to his expanded creative outlets; Recently Ogre has been acting (appearing as Pavi Largo in the rock opera film Repo! The Genetic Opera, as well as Harper Alexander in Tim Sullivan's new comedy-horror film entitled 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams). It could be another high point in an already illustrious musical career. It could be another destructive outpouring of artistic beauty from brilliant madmen. With Undeveloped, it is all these things, and more.

01. 101
02. crash
03. pissage
04. comedown
05. typer
06. screwMe
07. bellew
08. hollow
09. traGek
10. animist
11. nitwitz"

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Here is my submission for the CREATE A SUPERHERO CHARACTER competition.
Name: Zero
Powers: Created a way to travel to alternative dimensions. As a result has superior tech. 
Background: Father was part of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment. Zero was born with a mutilated right arm and both legs where amputated as a result of her congenital syphilis and birth defects. She also suffers from hearing loss. 
Motivation: Her father was experimented on which created her condition. She has a general hate and distrust for governments and organizations.

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